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Здравствуйте дорогие друзья! Я рад приветствовать вас на канале космос 3d и сегодня мы с вами посмотрим игру, которая называется Fifa Mobile. Давно уже хотел поиграть в эту игру на мобильном устройстве - вот наконец выдалась такая возможность. Мы должны выбрать эмблему давайте премьер-лига. Сейчас мы должны пройти какое-то обучение. Так пробивая пенальти проведите от меча к той точки куда хотите пробить. Отлично, итак первую тренировку мы с вами прошли поздравляю! Давайте посмотрим, что у нас еще есть. Конечно же магазин куда же без него бесплатный набор! Итак давайте подведем итоги: игра стоит того чтобы в нее играть! Особенно если вы фанат футбола! Мало таких действительно хороших с душой сделанных игр на play маркете. Хороший саундтрек, много команд, более менее удобное управление. Советую всем поиграть! Ну на этом у меня все спасибо за внимание! Welcome to FIFA Mobile guide app and contrary to what happens in Companion App, in FIFA Mobile players have the chance to play the game itself. They can also earn, trade and transfer superstars to create their own fantasy team, as well as choose their play style, formation, kits and more, then balance player chemistry for the strongest squad compositions. FIFA Ultimate Team is no more; in its place is EA Sports’ renamed and re-launched version of the game, FIFA Mobile (iOS/Android). Once again, you have the chance to build your team, set your formations, and set your starting lineups; the game comes with over 30 leagues, 650 teams, and 17,000 players, all from the real-life world of soccer/association football. It’ll be up to you to make the right decisions when playing games, as you change tactics and make substitutions on the fly, and it will also be on you when it comes to setting up your team and choosing your starters. We already covered FIFA Ultimate Team in a number of guides, but given the new features and the fact that it’s been a while since we covered the original game, we’ve compiled a list of tips and combined them in this FIFA Mobile strategy guide. We’ll be discussing general tips and tricks, so read on, especially if you’re new to EA’s FIFA games for mobile. In order to turn your team into a powerhouse, you’ll need a lot of coins, which are the game’s common currency. But it would seem as if EA Sports has made some adjustments to make it harder for players to earn that currency. That’s nothing surprising, as developers tend to make things challenging if players had been having their way in a previous version, but fortunately, you can still earn a ton of coins in the new game. Here’s our newest FIFA Mobile strategy guide, where we shall talk about the ways you can earn more coins and do so quickly. If the game FIFA Mobile may sound familiar to you, that’s because it’s the very same game that used to be known as FIFA Ultimate Team. EA Sports has re-launched the game for Android and iOS, and just as you previously could, you can build your team, manage it, compete in head-to-head battles, and enjoy the game anywhere on your mobile device, due to its rather compact 100MB size. There are more than 30 different leagues, 650 teams, and 17,000 players – all real-life players from the world of association football/soccer, and you can play the transfer market to add new players to your team, while setting up your formations and adjusting your tactics prior to each match. There are also live events where you can earn freebies for your team. All in all, it’s very similar to the FIFA Ultimate Team you used to know, but with several new features. FIFA Mobile is a completely different game from the one for consoles and PC. It runs on Android and iOS devices. It is not available anymore for Windows Phone devices. Since FIFA 16, the game won a new name: "EA SPORTS FIFA". The most popular mode in the FIFA franchise, FIFA Ultimate Team is at the center of the mobile experience. FIFA Mobile features over 10,000 players from over 500 licensed teams. Plus, over 30 real leagues and stadiums. Players are bale to build a dream squad of footballers and put them to the test. From the English Premier League, La Liga, and MLS, to the German Bundesliga and beyond. With this guide you will discovery with us some tips , tricks and best strategies to use on the game.

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